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It began with a love of Hot Wheels..

"Where Quality Meets Expectations!"

King’s Premium Detailing has been a passion in the making since I first discovered my love of cars at a young age when I would collect every single Hot Wheels car that I could get my hands on. As a teenager, it became an increasingly significant desire of mine to learn every make and model that was currently out on the road. My goal had always been to not only own a Dodge Challenger, but also open my own business surrounding cars in some manner. As a young adult, I was blessed with an employment opportunity to not only chase my dream of owning a Challenger but also pursue a passion of detailing cars. It was not long before I began to learn as much as I could about professionally detailing. Often, I would be caught by my neighbors in my driveway washing my car. They would shout out their window as they drove by, "do mine next!" Over the years, I have owned several Challengers, Camaro, WRX, and other cars that were each equally unique and fun to drive. But that passion to open my own business remained.
               In the Spring of 2022, an opportunity arose that would enable me to finally start pursing a small business in detailing right here in Benton, Illinois. In order to better serve the community, I sought out training from Esoteric Detailing in New Albany, Ohio where I learned how to professionally do paint correction and ceramic coating application. I thoroughly believe everyone deserves to have a car looking so sharp it gives you a boost to your self-esteem every single time you get behind the wheel. Let’s make that happen today!

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